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Hello readers! My name is Nick Wagers and I hail from the Monroe, MI area. I’m blogging to share all of my adventures with you. As tradition when thru-hiking on the AT, I took on a trail name, “Parks”.

The AT kicked off the first of my big three adventures to explore the US. Since then I’ve backpacked parts of the Florida Trail, Long Trail and Pacific Northwest Trail, and thruhiked the New England Trail. I also raced the Tour Divide, an off pavement mountain bike race along the spine of the Rockies from Canada to Mexico.

Up next, I’m going to canoe the Mississippi River. Hopefully soon, I’ll bike across the country in an E/W direction.

I’ll also share many of my smaller adventures in my attempts to experience all of our National Parks.

You can check out where I’m at if I’m on the trail if you hop over to https://parkshikes.com/wheres-nick

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  1. Hey Parks – was checking on your PNT progress and tried the map link above but it requests a password. :-(
    We’re finally in Metaline Falls and are hoping you are somewhere out here in Washington.

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