I grabbed breakfast at the Nauti Hawg. It was decent enough, though nothing fancy. You couldn’t ask for more for the price though.

I went back to the house and lounged around. I hadn’t really intended to take a zero, but I was a bit drained mentally and physically. Plus, it was going to rain on and off all day. I let my host know I’d decided to stay again. I proceeded to catch up on all the laziness I was lacking.

I did manage a few tiny chores too. I found a self-tapping screw and was able to make a drain hole in my portable speaker. It had been collecting water and it was hard to get out. Now I could peel back the rubber cover and blow it out.

Otherwise, I did nothing today, and it was wonderful.

Mileage: 0

Total Mileage: 541.1

Today’s Audio: YouTube videos by “Mentour Pilot”

Day 27

4 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. I gave him a ride up to Casey’s store a couple, maybe 3 weeks ago in Warsaw Illinois he was fine then, just talked to another kayaker yesterday making the trip, give me a boat with a motor and I’d think about it, lol hope you all make it

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