2015 AT Thru Hikers

Here are some more great blogs and sites of my fellow hikers.

Sputnik and Fair Enough: Good friends that have been hiking close by since before the Smokies. They aim for weekly updates and do their best to be entertaining. http://campingandtrampingwithroosevelt.wordpress.com

Will and Way: A wonderful older couple out celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with a short 2200 mile hike! I met them back in Hiawassee and managed to keep up with them since then. http://denbec50th.com

Sam-I-Am: An early retiree doing some great YouTube videos. I’m in a couple of them, including episode 20, where my mom and family friend, Mary, say hello. Check out his channel here. http://youtube.com/channel/UCWKTwG41G5xXvfDmZpLQKuw

Fireball: A young guy that I’ve been hiking on around for hundreds of miles. http://www.trail-ology.com/

One thought on “2015 AT Thru Hikers

  1. If you follow the link to Sam-I-Am’s Utube videos, watch episode #9. Towards the end, Parks introduces himself and you can also meet a lot of the other thru-hikers that he mentions. Then watch episode #20! My friend Mary and I were “interviewed” after we hiked a trail section along with Parks over Memorial Day weekend. Our 42 mile trip was HARD but invigorating. Despite blisters, bruised toes, and sore knees it was a lot of fun to experience – Type 2 fun, that is, which according to the Urban Dictionary is defined as “An activity that is fun only after you have stopped doing it.”

    It is really inspiring to meet all the thru-hikers. It takes a lot of planning, grit, and coordination to make it as far as they have. I’m proud of Parks and all the others as well. Happy Trails! Parks Mom

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