Where’s Parks?

I’m currently getting ready to canoe the Mississippi River! I’m working on getting a live map up here.

You can find the SPOT map directly here: https://maps.findmespot.com/s/XJM5

2 thoughts on “Where’s Parks?

  1. Hey Nick,

    Your Spot GPS shows you are near Lyme CT . If so, you are well into the 2,000 mile AT trek. Did you skip any parts of the trails, or have you stayed on AT since Georgia?

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hey Paul, sorry your comment didn’t get approved. It got lost amongst a sea of spam. I just finished up hiking and only had to skip 1 mile of trail. I think about it every day. In Baxter State Park (10 miles before the end) I was forced to use a high water bypass. The river was chest high and rapid, plus I’d have had to cross it twice. Maybe I’ll go back for the last mile one day…

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