Making progress

I’m making some good progress towards home. After Farmington I made it in to West Bethel. Along the way I found several antique shops. Here was an interesting looking one:


A great thing about biking is that I’m in town not once every few days, but a few times everyday! I had a decent pizza for lunch along the way.


I made about 60 miles before stopping in a motel. I intended to be camping along the way, but finding public (or discrete) locations is a bit more of a challenge than on the trail.

My next day brought a new state! I crossed back in to New Hampshire, not far from Gorham where the AT goes.


It was fun going back through Gorham. I took a nero and a zero there on my hike so it seemed rather familiar. I rolled on past after lunch. Coming out of there I had a wicked climb. I probably got off my bike 8-10 times for a rest. On the way down I was sure to ride the brake. I would have killed myself for sure if I just went for it.

I did get a few nice views for all the work:


I trusted Google Maps to route me (with the bike feature). It has generally been good, but it took me down a rough gravel road for about 2 miles. My bike vibrated more than those massage chairs except WAY less comfortable.

I camped out for the first time near the Gail River Trail and had a pretty stream


This morning was so cold it was unbelievable. Never on the trail did I give serious thought to quitting, but having toes and fingers get so cold they hurt had me wanting to be at home. I was seriously ready to throw in the towel. I pressed on though and got to the bike shop in Littleton. They got me hooked up with some toe covers and full fingered gloves. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

On my ride today I’m taking a break in Bath, NH. I rode through a covered bridge, which was pretty fun


Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as bad. I’ll have some more updates when I get to Vermont!

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