Beautiful Day

Coming out of Franklin has been pretty cold at Siler Bald shelter. I took a really easy day there. I met a few new folks, including Tex, who seemed to be a pretty decent guy. I also met a Quebec native named Sublime. He’s an older gentleman who hiked back in the 70’s. He had everyone drooling since he treated himself to a T-bone steak, rice and several fresh veggies that night.


The next day I went back and forth with a boy scout troop out of Toledo. They’ve been section hiking over spring break for a few years. I think that’s really cool, though a couple of them were struggling.

I got some views at the firetower. Most of the time its been foggy. I camped just shy of the Cold Springs shelter at Burningtown Gap.


This morning I scored my best view yet, just past the shelter. The sun highlighted all the ridges and it was stunning. I sat for a bit and just stared off into the distance. The weather is just amazing today. I dug out my music player and scrolled to U2 – Beautiful Day. It was really fitting. I’m writing from Tellico Gap where I stopped for a snack and break.


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