Yesterday I had a good hike coming out of Water Oak Gap. It rained a fair bit overnight so the tarp was good and wet. I climbed up Albert Mtn that required hands to climb up the rocks. Everything was all wet and slippery. My trekking poles saved me twice from taking a nasty fall. Once reaching the top I was hugely disappointed. The fog completely obscured any chance of a view. I didn’t even bother going  in the tower. The rest of the hike was nice but uneventful.

That evening in camp brought a few new faces. Five guys were doing very high miles, all over 20 that day, one of them even hiked passed the Rock Gap shelter on to Winding Stair Gap. A fire was built by “Papa Al”, ” BT”, “The Conductor” and “Sunrise”. Many went to bed rather late due to chatting. Before sunset it started to snow. We probably had a half inch through the night. I slept in the shelter and managed to stay reasonably warm.

This morning I hiked ~4 miles to Winding Stair Gap and got picked up by Ron Haven’s shuttle. At the gap was also a nice couple making bacon and egg wraps for everyone and handing out peanut butter cookies.

I spent the day hanging with Salmon, Moment, and Sunrise for the most part. I also ran into a number of others, including one I last saw on my first day. In all, a fun town day.

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