Low Gap

Today was beautiful. The sun came out and warmed up everything. All my stuff dried in the sun this afternoon.

The morning started off a bit later than normal since the hostel was cozy and I didn’t want to wake everyone. I still managed to get out before most. I waited until the store opened though for one last mountain dew and some stove alcohol I forgot to buy.

As I headed out there was a stiff breeze and a heavy fog. I ran into Salmon and Solo (or Cheesewhiz, which he hates) and then Rock Ocean a bit further. The all said the wind howled all night.

The morning hike finally had some vistas. I hiked a bit with Voyageur (Emily from WA/MN). We crossed paths pretty much all day. Several day hikers from a Baptist church told us about the hotdogs at Hogpen Gap. The mountain before that was the only challenge of the morning. I relaxed for a while in the afternoon chatting with all. I was also pleased that a local guy had brought up several pizzas. They were great! Just before heading out the Dartmouth girls showed up. I was surprised they caught up so quickly but they grabbed a hostel off Woody Gap and started the day at Neels.

The evening was quite a social at Low Gap. It’s a wonderful shelter and area. Rock Ocean and Blue Butterfly had hiked on, but everyone else that day stopped here, including Arizona and his dog Bella. He did most of the PCT recently.

The feet ache and have some rub spots. I also ended up with a bit of chaffing. I’ll take it easy and probably zero in Hiawassee.

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