Sassafras Gap

I left Blue Mountain shelter this morning. I took a pretty easy day yesterday, only 7.3 miles. My right foot was sore from all the use. It was a popular place that night and saw several faces I knew.

The Germans have found a hiking group of two brothers and another guy about their age. Also there was a guy born in Cuba. He’s been keeping track of all the places people are from. He said he’s gotten 42 states and 6 countries. The Germans told me they had found a pistol ditched by the ex-marine a few days ago. Apparently it was loaded and all.

Today I made it over two big climbs. I took a rest at the Tray Mtn shelter and the hiked on. I met up with “Moment” and chatted for a while. She had found quite a cozy spot that she had to herself. I think she was still on cloud 9 after spending the night in Helen.

I hiked on to Sassafras Gap. The daily total was 12.8 miles, a pretty solid day. I’m meeting a whole new group of people tonight that I haven’t seen. Most of the people I know are either 1/2 day ahead from my short day or 1/2 day back from their trips into town this morning at Unicoi Gap.

Tomorrow I plan on getting into Hiawassee just for the night. I should be able to get to Franklin just in time for their trail festival if I make good miles. I’ll probably avoid the Budget Inn. I heard it was really disgusting and to top it off, has a Noro outbreak. The Top of Georgia hostel sounds really good. I’ll aim for there or the Holiday Inn.

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