Handmade Frame Bag

I made a frame bag for my upcoming bikepacking trips, most notably, the Tour Divide. I finished all the sewing work but I have a bit more to do yet.

The bag is made from two layers sewn together. The outer layer is “duck cloth”, an all cotton printed layer with world maps. It’s really just decorative. The inner layer is a waterproof vinyl material. I just used an off the shelf zipper and lapped it with the material to prevent rain from leaking in to it. It attaches to the bike by Velcro.

In all, it took me all day for the sewing, buying supplies and watching Youtube videos to figure out what the heck I’m doing. So far, I’m pretty happy with it.

Frame Bag

I’m going to add some holes to bolt it to the water bottle cage braze-ons, seal the stitching from the outside and coat it with waterproofing spray. Hopefully it holds up and functions well.

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