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Hello friends! So this December I decided to go to the Canary Islands. It was an awesome trip. I’d really like to do it again next year and take someone with me. Bring your sunscreen and plan on escaping the snow. There is lots to do here.

Sandy beaches:


Windsurfing lessons:


Awesome sand sculptures:


We could spend a few weeks here and then maybe get into a tiny boat and row across the Atlantic Ocean:


What do you say? Want to do something even more rare than climbing Everest? More people visit the North Pole every year than row an ocean. Only recently has the number of rowers passed the number of people in space. So really, if you aren’t an astronaut, this is the next best thing.The best part is, you don’t even have to like me (but I hope you do!). In a pair, we’d only see each other briefly between rowing shifts. I was there scoping out the race, making contacts, learning about boats, getting lists of required classes and trying to figure this whole thing out. If you’re remotely interested, let me know! Let your friends know too, the crazier, the better. Many of the rowers in the race have no previous rowing or sailing experience. So there it is: be a bad ass, break the mold, Row with me.


For more questions, see the FAQs

Let me know you’re interested on the Contact page or email, call, txt, Facebook msg. Anything you like. I can send along the race information packet.

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